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Can you fix my phone for me?
  Yes! We offer mail in repair service. Click here for the full details

What is iRevive?
  iRevive restores the health of your iPhone 3G 3GS or 4 by removing corrosion from the logic board and eliminating any remaining moisture. This allows the iPhone to start functioning again just like new. This one ounce bottle of liquid health will last you many applications.

How hard is iRevive to use?
  Using iRevive does involve opening up your phone and undoing a couple screws. However, it is considerably easier than trying to replace a cracked glass screen on an iPhone because there is no heat gun or gluing required. With that said, we have some extremely detailed instructions.

How does the guarantee work?
  We find that iRevive works on more than 90% of all water damaged iPhones. So on the slight chance that your phone ends up not coming back to life we will fully refund your money. Simply go here to request a refund and we will see if there is anything we can do to help you and if not then refund your money!

A month ago I spilled a drink on my phone can it be saved?
  Yes! The key difference between iRevive and other repair techniques like rice is that iRevive physically removes the corrosion that forms on the logic board.

I have tried to power up my phone and gotten no response, can it still be revived?
  Although sending power to a water damaged iPhone can damage it further, we have found in many cases that iRevive has been able to bring the iPhone back to life even after connecting it to a charger.

My phone got wet and it turns on but "X" isn't working right. Can iRevive help?
  Yes, often when one specific function of the phone isn't working, such as the backlight, is because of corrosion on the chip that is responsible for that function. So by using iRevive to remove that corrosion that function will begin working again.

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