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Is your Phone no longer working after being dropped in water? If so, then you are in the right place! With 5 easy steps you can have your water damaged Phone working just like new. - 100% money back guaranteed.



Step 1: Turn your phone off and remove the SIM card & tray


Step 2: Order iRevive - Water Damage Repair Kit


Step 3: Remove the Phones logic board


Step 4: Clean the logic board with iRevive


Step 5: Reassemble the phone and power it on, you'll never be so happy to see a screen!


Too scared to see your phone lying in pieces on your table? Try our Mail-In Repair Here


Water Damaged iPhone



Instructions For Water Damaged iPhone 4S

Download the iPhone 4S Screw Chart Here

Instructions for Water Damaged iPhone 3G & 3GS

Instructions for Water Damaged iPhone 4

Download the iPhone 4 Screw Chart Here


Instructions For Water Damaged HTC Evo  


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