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iPhone 4S Water Damage Repair Diagnostic


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Due to parts availability we are unable to publish pricing at this time.

Our Mail-In Repair service is a full service water damage repair service. If the thought of opening up your phone like in our videos scares the daylights out of you, don't worry! When you send your phone to us our skilled technicians, who have saved thousands of phones, will perform the water damage restoration service for you!

Included in the restoration price is a new battery, if your phone needs it. They are the most commonly damaged components by water besides the logic board. Basically we will try our best to get your device back to a full functioning condition. If after performing the iRevive service, and our techs determine that there is a part in the phone permanently damaged, we will consult you about any additional charges to replace that part and get your phone to 100% functionality.

4 Easy Steps

  • Purchase the mail in repair service
  • Follow the instructions that we email to you after purchase for boxing up your device and send it to us. (You must use your own packaging and mail it to us!)
  • Our technicians will perform the iRevive water damage restoration process on your device
  • Once we get it working we will box it up and send it back to you!

How it works:

1.Purchase the Mail-In repair

2. You must use your own packaging and mail it to us!

3. Once we receive your device we will send you an email to notify you that one of our technicians have your device and will be completing the repairs!

4. After the repair is completed (WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY) you will receive another email to notify you that your phone is on its way back to you!

5.First class return shipping with insurance is always free!

Need it back in your hands ASAP then choose our expedited shipping method and we will mail it back to you using USPS Express world-wide (Normally overnight 2 day to some locations) $30.00


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