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This video walks you through our process for invisibly coating your phone without having to pull it apart. We use the Nanoflow X machine which takes about 5 minutes and turns liquid solution into gas which get injected into the ports of the phone. After that it only needs 6 hours to cure and the phone becomes water resistant.  

NandlowX is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable protection for any smart phone. Without taking the mobile device apart, our automated process uses an invisible coating to protect phones against water, scratches and dust.

Simply Mail - In your device and we will coat it and ship it back to you.

4 Easy Steps
  • Purchase the mail in repair service
  • Follow the instructions that we email to you after purchase for boxing up your device and send it to us. 
    • (You must use your own packaging and mail it to us!)
  • Our technicians will perform the Nanoflow X service which creates an invisible layer of protection inside and outside of your device.
  • Once we get it completed we will box it up and send it back to you!


  • Checkout now for free
  • Prepaid FedEx label emailed to you
  • Expert technitians and advanced repair process


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