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This repair will replace your glass on the back of your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS and XS Max. If you send in your device with a bent frame we will not be able to replace just the back glass. In that circumstance you will need an entire back housing which includes the metal bezel (frame) that goes around your phone. Costs an additional $100. Please note if you would like another color back glass installed on your cracked iPhone back panel please specify that in your purchase via message. We recommend sticking to the same original color of the back glass as it will keep the highest trade in value for your device. 


4 Easy Steps

•Purchase the mail in repair service.

•Box up your device and send it to us. 

•(You must use your own packaging and mail it to us!)

•Our technicians will perform the iPhone back glass replacement process on your device.

•Once we get it working we will box it up and send it back to you at no additional cost!

•If you would like to expedite the process choose the overnight express return shipping option.


Best regards, 

iRevive Spray Inc 

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