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My Cell Phone Got Wet...

When your cell phone is damaged by water, turn it off!Step 1 - Turn your wet cell phone off

You may have been doing a cannonball, the laundry, or had a mishap in the bathroom. We all know that water and electronics don't mix. Luckily you are at the best place on the internet to fix your water damaged cell phone. 

The first thing to do if your phone has come in contact with water is to TURN IT OFF! Then wipe away any water that is on the device and put it in a dry place. It is very important to not turn it on or charge it.

(We know it's hard to resist!) Doing so may cause permanent damage to the phone. 

Using iRevive to fix water damaged cell phoneStep 2 - Look at iRevive Options

We know that you want to get your phone back to working order as soon as possible. The fact is, there is water inside of your phone that is going to build corrosion once the water evaporates. Someone needs to open up the phone and clean the logic board to prevent permanent damage. That someone can be you or one of our technicians

Option 1: DIY

Millions of people around the world have used our water damage repair videos to fix their phone themselves. When you order an iRevive water damage repair kit we include all of the tools that you need to disassemble your phone and perform the entire process.

To get an idea of what this process looks like, look to the column on the left. Find your device and click on it to see step by step instructions and videos that show how to use iRevive to fix your water damaged phone. The repair process will take you 1-2 hours if it is your first time. We have overnight shipping available. 

Pros: Inexpensive, Fun project, Great story to tell  

Cons: Possible to permanently damage your phone

Option 2: Mail In Repair

Our mail in service is the way to go for those people who "just want it fixed". Our technicians go far beyond what you see in the repair videos we have on YouTube. They place your logic board in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with iRevive. Its 42,000 cycle energy waves remove the microscopic bits of corrosion that a toothbrush can't reach.

Then we examine your logic board with a microscope and replace chips that have shorted out or are causing issues like a dim backlight. Even if you didn't see Step 1 in time and tried to power your phone on or charge it, our technicians have your back. 

The mail in process is simple. Order the mail in service online, no credit card needed.

We will email you a prepaid FedEx label that you can print out and tape to a box with your phone in it. Simply drop it off at any FedEx drop point or a US Post Office. We will call you once we receive the phone and have performed an initial evaluation. 

Pros: Can treat advanced cases of water damage, Highest success rate, Perform additional repairs if necessary

Cons: Round trip shipping time, Higher cost

Satisfied customers of iRevive spray

Step 3 - iRevive Your Phone Now!


Mail In Repair


  • Checkout now for free
  • Prepaid FedEx label emailed to you
  • Expert technitians and advanced repair process


Mail In Now


DIY iRevive Kit


  • Free shipping
  • All parts and tools included 
  • Total cost of repair - $24.99


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